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Western Togoland Secessionists: Judge To Set Suspects Free Over Poor Work Of Ghana Police

An Accra Circuit Court has cautioned that will release 13 presumed individuals accepted to have had dynamic impact in powering distress in parts of the Volta Region while upholding for the autonomy of Western Togoland. 

Equity Susana Eduful communicated her abhorrence and joy for the dreary and languid way where police agents were doing their examination against the suspects. She attacked ASP Sylvester Asare for what she depicted as 'postpone strategies' he and his group of agents were utilizing so as to defer judgment. 

She cautioned that if such lethargic perspectives proceeded, she will be left with almost no alternative than to set the presumes free since she would not support the concealment of the privileges of individuals. 

'on the off chance that following multi week you can't utter a word to propel the case, I will release the charged people. You can't keep on doing this' 

The legal counselor of the blamed James Agbodeka Amorli, contending for the benefit told the court that a portion of the suspects were just going to visit their family members when they were gathered together. He disclosed to the court that 'these individuals have dependants who rely upon them for their very endurance. To additional remand them, is to additional stomp all over their basic human rights. We submissively ask that we get equity and not unfairness.'

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