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Sudden Death: Sad News As Another Popular Ghanaian Is Reported Dead

Sudden Death: Sad News As Another Popular Ghanaian Is Reported Dead

A very sad day of mourning and sorrow for the people in the Choggu-Manayile in Tamale area of the Northern regional capital

As the unfortunate sad news broke out today about the sudden death of another popular Ghanaians who was said to be shot after a stand off between police and angry mob. A middle aged man.

While the Assemblyman for the territory, Yakubu Osman Ibrahim claims that the man was shot, the Regional Police Command says he was hit by an object.

The middle age man that was killed is said to be a very popular and well known in their community in which he lives and his death has been a great loss to the community he came from.

Addressing JoyNews, Mr Ibrahim said he got a misery call that a few individuals from the network had assembled at the main's castle and were taking steps to lynch a speculated criminal.

According to him, the crowd got agitated and starting throwing stones and other objects at the vehicle belonging to the police.

It is very bad that Ghana is still experiencing this kind of sad happenings despite the unrelenting efforts from the current administration to prevent this kind of occurrences from happening.

Mr Ibrahim told JoyNews, the police starting firing gunshots and suddenly he heard a sound before a man who was grabbed by the police fell on the ground with blood oozing from his stomach.

"Somebody tossed a stone and it hit their vehicle and that was the point at which they got angry. They began shooting cautioning shots to a great extent yet the person was gotten by the police when they were placing him in the vehicle. 

"I heard a sound and the person fell on the ground with blood overflowing from his stomach," the Assemblyman described. 

Yet, the Northern Regional Crime Officer, Superintendent Kwabena Otuo Acheampong said the police discharged shots to kill the danger. 

He said simultaneously, somebody endeavored to grab the suspect and was hit by an article. 

Director Otuo Acheampong said until an after death is done, the police can't affirm in the event that he was hit by a slug. 

"We had prevailing with regards to saving the suspect and was placing him in the police van when the perturbed horde who had needed to lynch him attempted to grab him. 

"The police even lit to fire shots and the individuals continued tossing stones. One official was hit," he said.

A day of mourning for the people Tamale, in the Northern Region of Ghana as sad news broke out this yesterday about the sudden death of a popular Ghanaian who died after been allegedly hit by a stray bullet.

This kind of case needs special attention from the Ghanaian government and security personnel in order to bring the evil act to end and to put the minds of Ghanaians at peace over the lives of their love ones.

Family, friends, well wishers and love ones has expressed their dissatisfaction over this news and many has showed they feel down casted about the sudden death of this promising young men.

may his soul rest in peace

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