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Meet the man who cursed judge and earned extra sentence in prison

A convict, whose name was just given as Sumaila, was allowed extra two years sentence to his effectively five years prison term. 

Repentant Sumaila said his solitary wrongdoing was to fight his honesty in court. 

He revealed to Crime Check TV that while fighting he reviled that the appointed authority will be sacked one day. 

Wrongdoing Check TV, which posted the data on its Facebook page, said abnormally, the appointed authority was sacked after one of Anas Aremeyaw Anas' uncover'. 

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It is indistinct who the appointed authority is nevertheless Mr Anas' uncover' has seen the terminating of judges as of late. 

Look at the full post: 

After emphatically fighting his blamelessness in court, Sumaila couldn't trust it when he was condemned to five years in jail in hard work. 

He reviled the appointed authority and was given two years extra sentence. Sumaila wasn't right in offending the appointed authority yet was it important for the adjudicator to have added two additional years to Sumaila's sentence? 

In reviling the appointed authority, Sumaila said the adjudicator will be sacked one day. Oddly, he got fired in the Anas uncover'. Will you consider it a fortuitous event or an impression of Sumaila's revile?

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