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8 persons arrested on Mfantseman MP's murdered case plead not guilty to all the charges.

Last week 6 people were arrested from various sources on the murder of the Member of Parliament, Ekow Hayford Quansah, whose death sadly occurred after he was returning from a door to door campaign trip on Thursday, 8 October, 2020, from a nearby town in Mfantseman and he was shot by unknown assailants who were in a robbery attack on the road.

As it stands now, 2 people have been arrested in addition to the 6 that were arrested last week. They were picked up from Kumasi after they were spotted using the MP's mobile phones. In other words, they were traced by the mobile phones that belonged to the MP for Mfantseman, Hon. Ekow Quansah.

When they were put to court today, all of them claimed they have not murdered any MP and that the real murderers were on the ran. They all claimed they bought the things that belonged to them without knowing those things were stolen items form a murdered person.

Their lawyer pleaded for their bail, hence, it was not ordained, as the Justice on the case refused to give them, looking at the intensity of their crime on the murder case.

Giving narration on how they shot the MP, they said, when the MP was returning from the campaign trip, they had already mounted barriers at the Abeadze Dominase Mankesim road, and when they saw the MP's car approaching with the picture of the President and the him on the car, they started firing shots on the car and succeeded by bursting the tyres of the car, and eventually getting the vehicle into a ditch.

They quickly ran to where the vehicle was stacked and pounced on the driver of the MP thinking he was the MP, but the driver told them he was not the MP, so they asked who the MP was and Hon. Quansah answered and said, he was the MP.

After he mentioned he was the MP, they started taking his mobile phones from him and demanded money when the MP told them he had spent all his money at the campaign, but he had more in the house and asked them, if they could follow him to the house and take the money? They then replied that, he was part of the reason why they were suffering and fired bullets at his chest and ribs and fled off.

Three of them, Patrick Asante, the KIA truck driver, Uncle Isaah and the MP suffered serious injuries, but unfortunately, the MP couldn't survive after reaching the hospital, he died.

The main suspect Nasiru said, he bought the phones at the cost of GHS 750 from one Abubakar in Kumasi so he was lead by a group of police officers to Kumasi to pick Abubakar. During interrogation, Abubakar also said, he bought the phones from one Mohammed at the cost of GHS 650 in Kumasi.

After Mohammed was traced, the police couldn't get hold of him and his arrest has remained futile till date, but he is on the look out by the police.

Funny as it remains, the police are still chasing out on the where about of the other suspects as 8 are in their custody now.

The arrested in the custody of the police include; Alhassan Abubakar, alias Fulani, a phone repairer, Nasiru Fudailu, a businessman, Alhassan Mahama Yaya, alias Mystical Cloud, a resident of Dansoman, Amadu Yakubu, a mobile money vendor, Haruna Osmanu, a trader, Adam Alhassan. These were the first 6 that were arrested. They have all pleaded not guilty to any of the charges.

The other 2 that were put before court today included Fred Tetteh and Adam Alhassan. They have all been charged on conspiracy to commit robbery and robbery.

Unfortunately, pictures of all the eight men have not been provided by the media. It is the previous 5 suspected that first came on line that are still remaining.

The police narrated that, after arriving at the scene of the shooting, they found out that, there were many people who were injured with severe wounds on them. So immediately they cleared the traffic at the Abeadze road, and picked up all the injured to the Cape Coast Hospital, but upon arrival, the MP had already given up on the ghost.

In-fact, the case has turn into a comedy and the sort. This is because all the suspect have claimed not guilty to all the charges made to them. Each one of them keep on mentioning another person from somewhere that can not be traced.

Meanwhile there is an important personality who has lost his life in the course of their shooting, and now it is robbery issue they are dealing with. Anyway, the court has its own way of dealing with issues. Let us follow the court as more suspects are expected to be arrested on the shooting of the murdered MP of Mfantseman, Hon. Ekow Hayford Quansah.

May his precious soul rest in the bosom of the Good Lord.

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