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South Koreans Kidnapped In Ghana's Waters Yet To Be Rescued

South Koreans Kidnapped In Ghana's Waters Yet To Be Rescued

Ghanaian security organizations and their partners inside the sub-locale are yet to save two South Koreans who were seized a month back on Ghana's regional waters.

Security knowledge prior demonstrated that the casualties had been taken to Nigeria.

Citi News sources inside the security organizations demonstrate that the privateers have not reached the group of the people in question or the legislatures of Ghana and South Korea to request a payment.

Depicting the advancement as peculiar, the sources inside the security administrations state they have strengthened examinations.

The people in question, chief and first architect of fishing vessel AP703 were captured in the high oceans of Ghana on August 28, 2020.

Nonetheless, 49 other Ghanaian group individuals were left after their properties were seized by the privateers.

As per the Marine Police, seven out of the nine privateers were intensely furnished during the activity and fled on a speedboat towards Nigerian waters after the activity.

In June 2020, a comparable occurrence happened where five Koreans and a Ghanaian were stole during an assault on a fishing vessel called Panofi Frontier.

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