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Group of Teen girls " abuse " manager after being denied free doughnuts

  Almost everyone loves some Dunkin but these teenagers may have taken their love for Dunkin too seriously.

According to the Montclair Police Department ,a group of unmasked teen girls who entered the Montclair store and  requested for free doughnuts  became abusive after the manager of a  New Jersey Dunkin Donuts ,located on Bloomfield Avenue refused their request .

 The State of New Jersey requires individuals to wear a mask when in indoor spaces open to the public, including retail, recreational, and entertainment businesses, government buildings open to the public, and on public transportation.

After the six to seven girls became difficult the manager asked the girls to leave. They assaulted the manager and attacked two customers during the incident, police added.

"One female assaulted the manager while another attempted to get behind the counter," said police in a statement. "Two customers observed the altercation and attempted to intervene. The females reportedly attacked the customers before fleeing towards Church Street."

Luckily no injuries were reported.

Content created and supplied by: realfactz (via Opera News )

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