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Should This Man Be Allowed To Live? See What He Did To His Heavily Pregnant Wife And 4 Kids

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This is indeed strange and not expected from a human being. We need to be very careful especially the ladies due to their vulnerability. Make sure you study thoroughly any man who decides to spend the rest of their lives with you because your happiness cannot be taken away after you manage to use so many years in building it.

Certain people tend to portray some unusually inhuman behavior that is unimaginable. How on earth will someone decide to wipe off the lives of his fellow human especially someone from his own blood? Gregory Green is one of those serial killer of innocent souls.

In 1991, Mr. Gregory killed his heavily pregnant wife for a reason best known by himself. After killing the heavily pregnant lady, he then called the police and waited for them to get to the scene. The police carried the lifeless body of the lady and he was further arrested. He was sentenced to 16 years in prison for such a horrific act of his even though he denied killing his own wife.

Supports from his family, pastors and churches saw him bailed out after serving 16 years. Now he was free to live and move about freely after wasting the life of an innocent soul.

Gregory Green started a new life again as he got married to the daughter of the pastor and built a new family all together to prove his innocence. Gregory and the pastor’s daughter produced four beautiful kids as they lived together happily.

Gregory again took away the lives of those four innocent souls. He ended up killing all the four children in front of their mother and also tried killing her in addition but she mange to flee and survived. As usual of him, he called the police again and waited for them to arrive at the scene as they got him apprehended again.

He was sentenced to 100 years imprisonment on Friday, 15th May, 2020.

This is indeed wickedness to the highest degree. Please share your views below.

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