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16-year-old young girl runs away from her parents due to early marriage

A Junior High School female graduate who is still awaiting for her BECE result was asked to marry another JHS two(2) boy who is assumed to be twenty-seven (27) years of age while the girl is barely sixteen (16) years of age by her parents Mr. and Mrs Fuseini. According to Shafa who is the young girl, 'I met the boy in our school, so whenever we close from school he always follow me till I get closer to my house before he leaves, he never propose to me, we only chat as school mates, he always pay me a visit, last month 14th of October, 2020 was the day he visited my house and he told my parents that he is asking my hand in marriage'. The name of the man is Fatawu.

Shafa said she doesn't want to marry now until she acquire her first degree, in her house almost everyone is in support of the decisions made by her parents except her brother who is against it, the brother said 'my sister is still a young girl who knows nothing about marriage and also she is academically brilliant and she should be allowed to go to school'.

The man then told the girl's parents that he will look after the girl by providing many other things to her, thereafter, the parents started forcing her on him which is against her wish, she said she wants to go back to school when her results are in but her parents seems not to know the importance of education to their child, due to these reasons, the girl has ran away from her parents house and Yapei at large, no body knows the whereabout of the girl.

According to Islamic religion, it is a sin to force a woman to marry a man against their will, Quran 4:19 says 'oh you who believe! You are forbidden to inherit a woman against their will. Nor should you treat them with harshness'. The parents of............. Are all Muslims yet they try to violate it.

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Fatawu JHS Junior High School Shafa Yapei


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