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Twenty-two alleged secessionists freed

22 out of 51 claimed secessionists was on Wednesday released by an Accra Circuit Court. 

Indictment drove by Assistant Superintendent (ASP) Sylvester Asare had educated the court regarding the corrected realities sheet and charges. 

ASP Asare didn't give reasons concerning why the 22 people were released. 

Nene Kwaku Agblorm II otherwise known as Joshua Tawiah Agblorm, a customary ruler, and 28 others have now been accused of intrigue, Treason lawful offense, to partake in a mission of a disallowed association in particular Western Togoland, connivance to cause unlawful harm, revolting with weapons, and causing unlawful harm. 

The court didn't take their requests. They have been remanded to return on November 18. 

Different attorneys were upbeat a portion of the blamed people had been released yet were concerned that the police may re-capture the charged. 

Mr Theophilus Donkor who spoke to a portion of the denounced people petitioned God for bail saying the blamed have fixed spot for habitations and he accepted the police have finished their examinations. 

The blamed incorporate Ernest Kpevu, Devine Seddoh, Bright Klutse, Salasi Gbagagbo, Gilbert Nyazinyo, Benjamin Gbagagbo, Felix Sosa, Lawrance Nyaziyor, Excel Liberty Aheto, Kuegbe Sika, Devine Nyazinyo, and Godwin Awudza. 

The rest are William Amenyor,Agbemayah Dotse, Louis Nyazinyo, Mawulolor Ahorgble, Fiave Joeffery, George Akuweti, Noah Ahiatorga, Samuel Gbolomo, Raphael Tetevi, James Nanewortor, Abednego Dzreke Mawuenya, Emmanuel Hayford Afedor, Isaac Kwesi Afeku, Richard Adri, Prosper Avumenyi, John Kobla Gbedemah and Stephen Asime. 

Arraignment's case is that Charles Kormi Kudzordzi prevalently known as Papavi is the charged individual pioneer who had prepared around 200 youth to wage war to battle for their battle. 

Accordingly, the gathering has been moving from one spot to the next and their chiefs have been meeting unlawfully at Afefe, Mepe, Juapong, Nyatekpo, Aveyime, and different towns to accomplish their point. 

Arraignment said Agblorm and Lawrence, are dynamic individuals and they are likewise public leader individuals from the Western Togoland Foundation. Sosa was a functioning part who was ordered to instruct and select more individuals from the Northern Territory particularly Ewes. 

Arraignment's said Kpevu denied providing them with arms however conceded giving assets to upgrade their exercises. 

In September this year, the administration of the gathering coordinated a mob and hindered two significant streets at Juapong and assaulted drivers at State Transport Corporation. 

On September 25, this year, blamed people wearing Western Togoland T-shirts outfitted with weapons and cutlasses, went amok and impeded streets. 

The blamed consumed lorry tires in the streets and kept individuals from getting to it. 

The arraignment said the blamed showed their banners in the midst of reciting " We need opportunity", and they additionally drew in the Military in a savage firearm fight. 

Charged were, in any case, overwhelmed and captured while others got away. 

On September 29, Afeku and Adri in the organization of others everywhere requested the start of a portion of the transports at the STC terminal yet they were denied. 

Charged at that point set on fire two transports at the STC terminal and sought total isolation. Police knowledge prompted the capture of the charged at their refuge.

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