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Should Women Bear Their Husband’s Name Or Not.

My closing sermon is going to be on whether a woman should bear her husband's name or not. 

And I say this to women....

If you love your name so much that you don't want it to be tainted by another man's name, then please Come to the table with something worthy. Harris was an Attorney General for so many years before she married. She accomplished so many things with that name and didn't see the need to change it. 

You, you moved from birth certificate, to school certificate and then to marriage certificate. You don't have success certificate. You don't have business owner certificate. You don't have I-Have-Achieved-So-Much certificate and most of all, you watched your family to fleece that man of all his savings in the name of bride price but you're here fighting about bearing your husband's name or not? 

Don't make me sad. If you think a man's surname means anything to him, then let's put the average man to a test. 

Go home and tell your husband; "Darling I want to be married to you and still keep my maiden name so I want to credit your account with Gh10,000 every month. Or if you want your husband to adopt your name instead, ask him to choose between adopting your your name and getting a brand new car from you. 

Most men will take the offer because you know what? You bearing our names don't give us shit apart from responsibilities. Go ahead. Try it and see 

But you won't try it. You won't try it because you're not ready to bell the cat of patriarchy. You'll continue bearing our names because you continue enjoying the fruit of patriarchy, which you continue speaking ill about. 

My surname? The Pobi that can't buy waakye at the gutter?

Content created and supplied by: Eugenepobi (via Opera News )

Harris I-Have-Achieved-So-Much


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