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I Challenge Ghanaian to Spot the Killer in The Picture

Hello everyone, it's a beautiful Wednesday, lets have some fun with this riddles, to also test your smartness and sense of reasoning. If you can get these riddles correctly, then you are a genius. Kindly drop your answers below using the comments section.

1. QUESTION: Who do you think is lying?

ANSWER: they are both right, owning to way the pregnant lady sited them.

2. QUESTION: Who is a woman is this picture

ANSWER: The second picture is a man, because he has a shaving stick in his cup, so first person is a woman.

3. QUESTION: What do you think happened in this picture

ANSWER: if you observe very well, the knife in man's hand is same color with the lady's dress, so the man killed the lady and took her knife.

4. QUESTION: If you are to save one person, who would that be?

ANSWER: the two ladies shouldn't be considered because they are just playing pranks, so the boy is the one that needs help.

5. QUESTION: Who do you think is the mother of this little boy.

ANSWER: if you observe closely, the woman in the red have same hair color and reddish with the boy, so she's definitely the mother.

QUESTION: Can you spot a criminal?

ANSWER:This second person is just rapping a toy hence the criminal is the first person

QUESTION: Who do you think he will pick as his future wife.

ANSWER: The first woman could likely marry him, due to the fact that, they have same hairy body.

8. QUESTION: Who do you think is safe?

ANSWER: the man in the first picture is safe because he can swim

Now your turn to answer this last one.

If your answer is correct, then you are a great genius.kindly share with friends to get their answers also and don't forget to hit the like button

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