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Don't Rejoice Yet: See Some Deductions From The Arrest Of The 5 Possible Killers of Mfantseman MP

It's been over a week now when the Mfantseman MP was murdered. The whole country has been on the police, to fish out the possible killers. Just yesterday, the news was all over the media that, 2 of the possible murderers of Mfantseman MP have been arrested.

Everyone is commending the police for a good job done. Indeed, the police have done very well but then, here are some possible deductions we can make from the arrest that will shock you.

1. Judgement

We can all recall that, Honorable J. B Danquah died a similar death like that of Honorable Ekow Quansah. Again, both of them died in an election year. Now, the police arrested the murderer of J. B Danquah and everybody was happy. The big question is, where is the killer of J. B Danquah currently? Yes, he was arrested. Yes he was brought to Court but then where is he now?

The judgement of such a criminal should have been announced nation-wide. The hard labor he would have gone through should have been checked upon by the media, at least on a monthly basis. With this, we would know that when such high-class-criminals are arrested, the government actually deals with them.

It is alleged and also rumored that, such killings are done by people within the government in power. As a result of this, the murder cases become foolish case.

How can we rejoice because these people are arrested, knowing that nothing very serious will be done to them afterwards.

2. Partiality

It is alleged by most Ghanaians that, our noble policemen are being partial with their dealings. Right from investigating kidnapping issues to that of murder, the ways of operations are different.

When its a normal person, nothing serious is done but when its a high profile person, much efforts are put in place to get results.

How many criminal cases do we experience a day? How many have the police been able to arrest in relation to the criminal rate ?

Security is for all Ghanaians and it must be equally met to all. The rate and passion at which the police involve themselves in political issues, must be the same for civilians issues.

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Ekow Quansah Mfantseman


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