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This is What i Encounter Between Men When i Hawk in The Street, Girl Cries Out (Fiction)

Note that the picture used in this article is a fictional One

Life has been so cruel and wicked towards me ever since I was born in Kumasi Ghana. All I have ever know how to do is to suffer and Hawk food items in streets and at Motor parks. I never attended any Schools even for once right from the time I was small. My father was very poor, my mother was not doing anything tangible to support my father only the Hawking business that has now become what we all depend on for us to feed.

I am the eldest in my family. My five younger siblings (Kwame who is 17, Kosi who is 14, Josia who is 12, Jennifer who is 10 and our last born Mensah who is 6 years old) has been supportive in their little capability. But it seems like the heavy workload is on me as the first born of the family.

When I became of Age, my Father was not in support for me to go out to the streets to Hawk because of the dangers attached to it like being raped, kidnapped, Robbed or even killed by Ritualists or Yahoo boys. But he has no option because he can't go out to the streets and Hawk when he has his wife and children, considering the security Guard work he is doing.

Hawking in streets is very worst and dangerous than hawking at motor parks. The dangers of being raped by wicked mobs and criminals is at high risk. There are chances that you might be robbed after making sales through Hawking. You might be kidnapped by Evil Ritualists who are looking for innocent people to sacrifice and renew they charm. You might be Kidnapped also by Yahoo Boys who wants innocent girls to use and straighten their charms.

There's no day that will pass by that I will come back home on time. I will leave my house around 7 am, and will not return till evening. I don't have any shop where I stay and sell my goods. I don't have any spot where I stay and people will come and Patronize me, instead I visit people so that they will patronize me. But it has not been easy, considering the circumstances surrounding it.

I recall vividly several times that I will visit guys who call me to sell fruits for them. When I get to them, the good ones will pay me my money completely and bid me farewell. The bad ones will not complete my money and if you tell them you don't want to sell to them again, it will be an issue..sometimes they will end up slapping or beating me.

The worst ones without conscience will to follow them to a particular place (be it their room or in an uncompleted building) for me to collect my money. And I will refuse. When I refuse, they will tell me that there's no way they will go there alone and come back with my money, thus I should go and leave my money since I don't want to follow them and collect my money.

Many a times have I left my money with some men who wants to sleep with me. Some offer me small and huge amount of money so that I will sleep with them, but I have always refused because I was not trained to do so ever in my life.

The life of every girl Hawking in the street is so delicate as the work is very Dangerous too. So respect them when you meet them and don't abuse or cheat them, instead pay them after they must have finish selling their goods to you. And you can give them more money to encourage them.


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