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Whoever designed this should be arrested ASAP!! Social media reacts to this kind of building.

Social media is reacting to the ongoing construction of this building. Alot has happened this year, with alot of recorded disasters that have hit the innocence of this year.

Majorly suffering from Covid-19 pandemic which took the world by a deadly storm and brought her to it's kneels and other related problems that have kept us sleeping with our one eyes closed.

I wonder what on earth could inspire this kind of building because it seems what can kill us in 2020 is not yet over. Can this year finish already? Or it is sign of what will follow in the years to come? Or we are yet to see more foolishness coming in the subsequent years ahead. May God help us and not let us die a death that we can avoid by ourselves.

After the picture of the building was posted online, it has attracted alot of reactions from people. One Facebook user is calling for the arrest of the designer while another said "if this real the the owner, the Mason, and architect or anyone involved in this building is stupid". Another user said "and what are the authorities waiting for before stopping this building, or they want something to happen first". One other user said "eei wonders shall never end".

Be sincere can you stay in this kind of building? Or would you advise any of your relatives to stay in such place? I pray the authorities do something about this before it is too late.

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