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'Blow For Blow': Side Chick Clashes With Husband's Wife In An Open Fight

Men have usually been tagged to be big cheats, and causers of confusion when the two genders are compared, men are said to be all about games and fun, even at the expense of their families.

A sad video that has hit online, has seen a big fight break out between a self proclaimed side chick to someone's husband, clash in an open fight, with the main wife in a disgraceful scene.

The video shows a man dashing to the scene, to try to settle the matter of misunderstanding between the ladies, who were simply refusing tobe settled,with each trying hardly to get a proper pounce, and hit on each other.

It is being alleged that, the husband had just touched down at the airport and had notified both women, who had made their ways to the airport to welcome him back.

However, having heard of the existence of the said side chick, and realising why she has come there exactly at that time, to meet the same man she was also waiting for to take home, it was simply inevitable that a scene was going to be created.

Watch Video Below👇

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