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Man defiles 3 young girlss on same day; Jailed 12 years.

The Tamale Circuit Court has indicted a 22-year-elderly person to 12 years detainment for defiling three young ladies around the same time at Mbanaayili, a cultivating community in the Kumbungu District in the Northern Region. 

On March 6, 2018, Shamiku Shiabu — the court was told — held his casualties and a fourth young lady at weapon point in the shrubbery where they had gone to get firewood before attacking the three explicitly. 

Three of the young ladies were 14 at that point, while one was 15. 

The court heard that on that day, Shiabu showed up from no place employing a short firearm as the young ladies were getting firewood in the hedge. He undermined them and had intercourse with two of them and embedded his fingers in the vagina of a third young lady. 

Shiabu has since started his jail term at the Tamale Central Prisons. 

He argued not liable to defilement, disgusting ambush and danger of damage, however was seen as liable on all the checks by the court directed by Mr Justice William Twumasi Appiah following two years of full preliminary. 

During the preliminary, the indictment called 10 observers — including the people in question, the clinical official who analyzed them, and the police agent — to affirm. 


Shaibu, who hails from the Ngaring people group, requested the young ladies to strip bare and afterward compromised that on the off chance that if they didn't permit him to have intercourse with them he would take photos of their exposed bodies with his cell phone and circle them via social media. 

The young girls in question, the court heard, begged him to permit them to go, yet he embedded his fingers in the vagina of one of them and understood that he was unable to infiltrate so he requested that she should go, however he figured out how to engage in sexual relations with two of them in the shrub. 

The four got back and reported to their folks about their problem, and a report was made to the police. 

Shaibu was later captured, and after examinations he was accused of the offenses and put under the steady gaze of the court, he however argued not blameworthy, compelling the case to go for full preliminary for a long time.

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