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No govt official arrested in UK for £26 million money laundering – Oppong Nkrumah

The Minister of Information, Mr Kojo Oppong Nkrumah has said some members of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) were behind a "fake" story doing the rounds on social media that is alleging that a Ghanaian government official has been arrested in the United Kingdom for money laundering involving £26million.

It is phony and an absolute creation by the greatest resistance in Ghana that a Ghanaian government official has been captured in the UK for endeavoring to launder £26 million, Mr Oppong Nkrumah said.

He was addressing Takoradi-based Skyy Power FM in a meeting on Monday, October 12, 2020. 

The claim began circling via web-based media at the end of the week and was distributed by some media houses. In any case, responding, Mr Oppong Nkrumah said it was "totally bogus". 

"No Ghanaian authority has been captured with £26 million in the UK. No Ghanaian authority has been captured or has been quit going into the UK. No capture of £26 million heading into the UK from Ghana has occurred", he told the radio broadcast. 

Mr Oppong Nkrumah tested the media in Ghana to crosscheck the data from the British specialists and see whether such an episode has occurred. 

"Most importantly, I'll approach the Ghanaian media to connect with the UK air terminal specialists or the UK port specialists to approve it since it is in no way, shape or form valid. That is number one". 

Also, he said the administration is persuaded the creation is the workmanship of the NDC

"It's a complete creation and we are clear in our brains that it's a manufacture by the NDC and it is important for their methodology for these most recent two months, where they'll be producing a ton of manufactures and lies and phony audiotapes what not. 

"We are clear in our brains that it is the NDC. For around a couple of reasons. The primary individual to express it freely is the Hon. Inusah Fuseini, a NDC MP. They are the ones who are advocating it and articulating on their online media stages including radiogoldonline and now you can likewise find that there's a phony audiotape that indicates to be a worldwide news communicated on it which is being flowed since the previous evening", the priest claimed. 

"It is an absolute creation", Mr Oppong Nkrumah focused on, demanding: "It is essential for a similar system they utilized in 2008, in the last, around two months to the decisions, where they concoct stories and attempt to get it to go out and as viral as could be expected under the circumstances". 

He reviewed: "Recall in 2008, getting to the races, they thought of phony financial balances of government authorities saying that this one has X sum in his ledger and so forth, it is a similar system that they will be utilizing in the following two months. 

"Furthermore, thus, we are calling, most importantly on the media and the overall Ghanaian public, you know your genuine, dependable media houses that give you valid news, don't succumb to these manufactures, don't succumb to these doctored or concocted takes that they will be producing in the following two months as we prepare for the decisions", he referenced. 

In his view, the NDC is turning to its stock-in-exchange of spreading promulgation since its proclamation isn't appealing to the individuals of Ghana. 

"You'll review that prior, they said they needed a mission of issues and afterward they concocted a proclamation that suspected to put out certain issues: constructing more trees here, Okada here, and so on, and Ghanaians have given them input on it, at that point they immediately came into the space of this statement banter with us, they haven't prevailing at it, an examination of records, they haven't prevailing at it; and, thus, they've returned to their default mode; which is to produce lies, promulgation, manufactures, falsehoods like what they are doing, along these lines, it is an away from of actuality, no Ghanaian authority has been captured with 26 million pounds in the UK, no authority has been captured, no interference of such nature has occurred and we ask the media to try and check, you can plainly look at and find that it isn't accurate, we request that the Ghanaian public be attentive of these phony sounds and recordings that they are producing", he said. 

As per him, "Ghana, has, notwithstanding different nations, been [on] the watch rundown of FATFA and the EU on the grounds that their view is that our enemy of illegal tax avoidance enactment are not sufficient" but rather "We're not by any means the only nation". 

"Presently, assuming, along these lines, you have an occurrence where a Belgian bank says that the Ghana mission there should close its record, it has literally nothing to do with this creation, it has literally nothing to do with this Agyapa exchange, which is currently experiencing a debasement hazard appraisal, which we accept will come out good. 

"In any case, let no one bamboozle the Ghanaian individuals by looking to blend these things and add creations to it and confound the Ghanaian public that any such thing has occurred. 

"No Ghanaian authority, I'm mindful of any Ghanaian, even, who has been captured with 26 million pounds making a beeline for the UK. It's a creation and Ghanaians should toss it out of the window", he focused. 

Mr Oppong Nkrumah noticed that the legislature is exploring the episode and will take the suitable approvals against those circling the phony data. 

"Right now, as I address you, the online protection unit is accomplishing some work on a portion of those sounds, especially the manufactured news sound that is being flowed like it was a worldwide news thing and they are investigating the metadata to decide the source and the time and perhaps where it was recorded and make some move against the people answerable for it". 

He additionally encouraged the security organizations to be harder on such issues of creation and phony news. 

"What's more, I figure, we ought to likewise offer a solid expression to our security offices that we are altogether mindful that there are these phony things and manufactures continuous, they have to take a harder position at a portion of these things. It's insufficient to be continually saying it's false, they have to take a harder, considerable activity against the people who are liable for this".

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