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Doubting Thomases shocked by huge Covid-19 recoveries, calling it a scam

Doubting Thomases in Ghana are shocked by huge Ovid-19 recoveries. Many who find Ghana’s COVID-19 recoveries increase by 5,526, and total recovery of 10,074 on the high side are wondering if this is real. 

For some, the huge Covid-19 recoveries being reported is very strange. The last time Ghana recorded a jumbo jump was when over 1000 were declared cured and discharged

According to the Ghana Health Service, Ghana currently has a total of 13,717 COVID-19 confirmed cases with 10,074 recoveries and 85 Deaths while new cases today add up to 514.

The total active cases now stand at 3,558. One question yet to be answered is how many cases have Ghana recovered in the last two weeks. "A cumulative of new cases for the past 14 days is more than the active cases of 3558 that is stated above." according to another Ghanaian on social media. If this issue raised is the reality, then the data is not really enough and we need to understand how people are declared cured. Could it be that some people were declared "recovered" in less than 14 days? 

Some are however excited about the recoveries and believe the numbers are not been manipulated. "Go and read the WHO new guidelines for declaring recoveries and you will understand. People don’t read but are quick to criticize. GHS is only going by WHO guidelines just like every country." was a response that kept everyone talking the more. 

Ghanaians on social me are of the view that if this is true, then it is amazing news. The doubts in the minds of many can be attributed to the lack of trust and doubts on COVID-19 data and the inconsistencies with our recovery profile so far.

Sarcastic as it may sound, some doubters on twitter said they preferred death rate over recovery rate now because less criticism is leveled against the death rate in Ghana. 

It seems a lot of Ghanaians prefer a gradual recovery rate than such leaps. Below are additional sampled comments. 

"5524 recoveries in less than 24hrs wow! Ghana we dey"

"Eiiish 10,074 recoveries am always an optimist but this one dier explanation for come"

"Very soon, our recoveries will exceed our case count as a protocol induced trust this criminal govt at your own peril.............."

|30th June, new voters register begins. They are giving Ghanaians false hope to come out and register. Just this afternoon, GMA said all the isolation centers are full and 3 hours later six thousand recoveries. Scam alert!!"

"No be small scam...This useless government dey scam we!! 😂🤣"


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