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Two teachers have been jailed for Two teachers have been jailed for allegedly defrauding 82 students for Ghc164,000.

Kwabena Kingsley, who was also a parliamentary candidate in Election 2012 in Afigya Kwabre East on the ticket of the Progressive People's Party (PPP), and Francis Osei, tricked the understudies in the wake of convincing them that they could help them with ensuring about award from the originator of the PPP, Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom. 

Kingsley was hit with a three-month jail term, while Osei was sent off the cooler for one month. 

The two had contended not reprehensible to three counts of interest to complete bad behavior, cheating by gestures and impersonation, yet were viewed as obligated of the evident huge number of charges following two years of primer. 


Passing on his sentence, the overseeing judge, Justice Francis Obiri, said the court considered how the convicts were first time liable gatherings, were grieved, and had a lot of wards. 

The delegated authority said he moreover thought about the way that the convicts had limited a bit of the money needed to the complainants. 

Real factors 

According to current real factors of the case as acquainted with the court by the arraignment, Ms Marie-Louise Simmons, Kingsley and Osei were teachers at the Najahiya Islamic Junior High School at Moshie Zongo and Nuria Primary School at Ayigya exclusively, the two rustic zones of Kumasi. 

She said sooner or later in February 2016, Kingsley, who tested as the parliamentary candidate on the ticket of the Progressive People's Party (PPP) for the Afigya Kwabre East in 2012, and Osei pushed toward two understudies of the Premier Nursing Training School at Buokrom that Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom was running an award intend to help understudies to cover the initial segment or part of their costs. 

She said the two educators mentioned that the understudies paid segment of the costs to them while the arrangement beat up and "paid" the full races into the record of the school at Stanbic Bank. 

The convicts would later outfit the understudies with the pay in-slips from the bank, which were later found to be made, to enable them to get their enrollment with the school. 

Ms Simmons said through the exhibit, the underlying two beneficiaries sorted out some way to get a lot of their mates to enroll with the convicts and paid various measures of money as a part of their charges. 

In any case, she expressed, the two teachers didn't pay in any event, everything paid to them by the understudies yet rather paid just a bit and made the remuneration in-slip to reflect the full costs. 

She said this became obvious when the school endeavored to oblige the costs paid by the understudies with bank enunciations. 

The inspector told the court that the understudies included were properly instructed about the anomaly and a customary protest was halted with the police, provoking the catch of the two. 


The inspector, a Principal State Attorney, in any case, discussed disappointment with the sentence, saying it was unreasonably lenient and not impediment enough. 

She told the Daily Graphic that considering the proportion of effort put into the case and the manner by which the two moved toward the arrangement to cheat fair confused understudies, some of whom couldn't complete their courses, "the court may have given a more obstacle sentence than the three and one month sentences". 

Ms Simmons said the convicts were teachers who should fill in as genuine models in the public eye, yet clearly their shows were meticulously masterminded, and pulling off such sentences would not discourage others from doing same. 

While surrendering that the associated bad behaviors passed on a base sentence of a day and a restriction of 25 years, she said she expected at any rate a half year or a year's sentence. 

Ms Simmons said she would connect with her managers over their next line of movement.

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