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Husband and wife relationship

Meet the 55 years old man who uses his wife as 'trotro' mate for over 5 years

The perfect love story for this year’s love season is that of 55- year-old husband, Edward Armah Ago and his 42-year-old wife Evelyn Adjeley Adjei.

The couples have been working together as a team in the popular ‘trotro’ transport business for more than five years.

According to feature in The Mirror, Armah and Adjeley have been working together as a driver and bus conductor (mate) respectively, plying their trotro business between La Tse Addo and Kwame Nkrumah Circle.

They believe that working together has strengthened their commitment to each other and deepened their relationship.

According to Armah who has been in the trotro business for about 30 years, he decided to do this business with his wife because, he realized his mates made more money at the end of each trip as they didn’t account properly for the monies collected from passengers.

“We usually load from station to station but most of the times, people alighted before we reached the station and though the mates pick new passengers to fill the empty seats, they never accounted properly for it.” He told The Mirror.

He explained further that, when he finally bought the Benz bus with support from family and local drivers union her decided to ply the trade with his wife because he believed she would not cheat him.

Adjeley added that, within a short period, they realised working together in the trotro business was more rewarding than when they both were into producing local gin, ‘Akpeteshi’.

According to Adjeley, people always stared when they saw her “shadowing” (a term used by mates to describe how passengers are invited to board a vehicle) but she was not bothered as that was how she and her husband made money to cater for themselves and their five children.

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