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Black lives matter( End racism)

"Black lives matter" has become a rallying cry in of evidence that the justice system is failing to acknowledge this basic truth. Research and official data show that half of those killed by police in recent years have been black or Latino. Officers involved in these killing are rarely indicted, much less convicted, for excessive use of force. And official responses to recent protest have spurred further controversy.

  Blacks have been critically brutalized by policemen over the years in white nations, be it black African American or black African, yes we accept that action taken by some of these policemen are to the extreme. But let's not forget that we also partly take fault in their actions towards as we form the majority of the high rated criminal population of the world, dealing in drugs, unlawful use of firearms, forming criminal gangs and our way of life makes them think that every black or Latino person is a danger to society. Our of life since the beginning has to a mark on us that is still affecting us till date.

   What most of these policemen say in their defence when they are faced before the court of law is they thought he was reaching for a gun. Even when we do not break any law, they find ways and means to make a case against us. For how long are we going to continue to live in the shadows of our past actions and be punished for it. Looking back on our history we accept that we are partly at fault here, but every black man can not be punished because of a common misconception. 

   let's take a look at the recent case of police brutalization George Floyd a 46year black American was killed for allegedly using a counterfeit bill, the policemen knelt on his neck for 8munite 17seconds, and his last words were I can't breathe. Similar cases have been recorded in cities in America, America has a long history of racism and black brutalization. I think the main course of black brutalization in America is racism, even duo racism in the world today has been reduced it is still been practiced in many different ways, especially in America.

  People have taken up to the street, social media, music, movies and all sort of platforms to show their support for the "#Blacklives matter" camping which has drawn the attention of many people in the world now. Black or white we all are human and deserved to be treated alike. Blacks have become a major part of the development in the world now. They dominate in sports, music, movies, tv shows and other important parts of the development of the world today.

  If we will be able to end black brutalization and racism of any sort then we must see ourselves as one people, love and treat each other as equals. There is an urgent need for the world to stand against racism and end black brutalization now. Let's all stand as one people and support the black lives matter movement now. #black lives matter, #blacks are human, #one people.

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