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Another Exposé, Ghanaian and other African women being sold off as slaves in Kuwait

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The British Broadcasting Corporation has brought to light another cover up on human trafficking and modern day slavery currently going on in Kuwait.

In a video sighted online, the undercover agents make various enquires concerning their wish to buy or trade for maids. It is shocking to see that these women being sold off as maids and house helps are from across many African countries like Ghana, Guinea, etc. And also some are as young as 16 years old.

Most of these women that were being sold were not being treated fairly and also most were being denied their basic rights. The Kuwaitian on the other end if the phone in the video admitted that most of these girls work round the clock and were given no holidays or days off and sometimes were not allowed to even use mobile phones.

Though the undercover traders did get the chance to meet with the supposed buyers, it was hard to ascertain how they would be able to help these people other than exposing the rot and illegality in the country.

UN reporter Urmilla Bhoola, has condemned the act and said it is illegal and against bother the Kuwaitian laws and also the international laws on Human Rights of the United nations and showed disdain for Kuwait natives to indulge in that kind of illegality and move it as far as having an app for such trades.

It is painful to see that in our modern day democracy, people still treat others under inhumane conditions and as slaves. Mostly, these things happen die to the extent of poverty these women face back home. This moves them to seek greener pastures in other countries hence the mistreatment.

Watch the expose below

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