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How to survive at Armed Robbers scene

Share this to save the life of your lovely family members and loved ones, comment below and follow this page for more updates and education. 

Have you ever wondered why Armed robbers after intimidating some people and taking what does not belong to them from innocent people still go ahead and take their lives? This sounds weird.

Armed Robbers creates fear and panic in every society in the world because, their activities are always being life threatening situations. They are the most feared group of people since they do not give notice when they will be coming and their weapons alone can increase blood pressure.

A lot of robbery cases happen and we hear some victim’s lives were terribly lost. Why would an Armed Robber take your things and still take your life? This is the big questions we ask ourselves when we hear of issues like this.

We always pray we do not fall in the trap of Armed Robbers, but there are ways and means we can conduct ourselves to survive or prevent us from been shot or harmed by Armed Robbers incase we encounter such situation.

According to most Robbery cases which involves victims killed by these robbers, what we mostly hear from reports are the way the victims conducted themselves during the robbery incident.

Fact you need to know about Armed Robbers

1.      Their major objective is to rob as fast as they can and leave the robbery scene.

2.      They hate to be alarmed by the victims.

3.      They hate to be challenged during their robbery operation

Based on the facts above, they can all be factors that may trigger an armed robber to shoot the victim involved.

Armed Robbery scenes are not pleasant and nobody would ever wish to see that. We always pray we do not fall prey to such situation, but in case we accidentally fall in such situation, we can critically observe the following conducts in order to save our lives from harm.

1.      First, bear in mind that, your life is more valuable than anything at the robbery scene. It is better to lose everything to the robbers than keep them and exchange your precious life for that thing. Repeating, nothing at the robbery scene is more valuable or precious than your own life. Losing everything to keep your life is better than losing your life and armed robbers taking your belongings.

2.      Do not challenge an Armed Robber. During such Robbery Incidents they have more power of more control over the situation due to their armed weapons. Challenging them will waste their time and if care is not taken, they will rather waste your life than you wasting their time for them to be busted by the police or public awareness. Just remain silent, do not talk, do not challenge them and just do as they say. You will have your life saved than challenging their commands at that ungodly moment.

3.      Do not try to blow any alarm or make noise to attract people’s attention in the midst of Armed Robbers. In order for them not to get busted by the police or the public, they will rather waste your life if you try to make any noise for them to be in trouble. Just remain silent and do as they say. You will have your life saved.

4.      Try your best not to look at their faces. Some robbers may not put on mask and it will be very dangerous to look at their face. When the robbers seem to know you, the robber will waste your life first in order to prevent you from reporting him/her to the police. It is therefore advisable to lie prostrate in position to prevent yourself seeing the face of the armed robber. In case the robber too is familiar to you, do not say anything there just for the robber to show mercy. The gang will waste your life if you attempt that.

When we critically observe these, we will have our lives spared from the hands of Armed Robbers. It is not pleasant to fall in their midst.

Share this to save the life of your lovely family members and loved ones, comment below and follow this page for more updates and education. 

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