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Policeman Using An Unregistered Motorbike Causes Stare

A police officer spotted in Wa Municipality has caused a stare as many were baffled with the confidence with which the law enforcer was abusing the law by riding an unregistered motorbike.

The Officer on the 13th of August 2020 was seen at the Wa Main traffic junction identified as the Wa Municipal hospital ring road in Upper West Region riding a Royal 110-28 motorbike without a Licensed registration number on it.

This has been something the Municipal and regional police commands frown upon and as a matter of fact citizens who are cought in such a situation are detained in police custody, fined or compelled to register the bike on that particular day before having their bike back, this development has raised the bar as most people in upper west are now developing the attitude of buying a motorbike with its registration number plate.

The residents after seeing this image have called on the Regional Police Command Co-headed by 2IC Peter Ndekugri to take swift actions against such officers serving as custodians of the constitution in oder not make it seem as if some group of people are above the law in the Region.

Currently, it costs not less than Ghc400 to register and get a number plate for a motorbike in Upper West Region.

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