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What would you call this? Love or confusion?

There's been so many strange things happening in this world of our own. One of them I witnessed, was a love story between a teacher and his lovely student.

"Yaa" Empress a 17 year old beautiful young lady who stays in a small town in Accra called "Shiabu". She was in a Junior High School, where the teacher a 21 year young man came to teach. She was from a family of five (the parents and two other siblings and herself). The mother was a hulker and the father was a Boxer and a carpenter. They were staying at "Shiabu", a suburb in Dansoman, Accra.

The teacher on the other hand, was from a family of three (the parents and himself). The father was a carpenter and a farmer. The mother on the other hand was a trader. They were staying in "Mallam", a suburb in Accra.

They became very good friends. It all began when the teacher took noticed that the young lady was a very hard working, from a humble home like himself. The young lady didn't get the care and love she needed at home. So, when the teacher started to show her that care and love. She innocently fell in love. That's from JHS till date.

Their relationship began to go through trying times, when the young lady was "put in a family way"( became pregnant). It happened when she was in SHS one (1) third term. And the young man was also in level three (3), at one of the universities in Ghana.

It had happened, when the young lady collapsed one morning in school one morning in the Eastern region of Ghana. She only got to know that she was pregnant when she collapsed and was rushed to a nearby hospital. Then it was diagnosed that she was pregnant.

She then called the teacher to inform him of the new development. Not knowing, the gateman of the school had called the mother to inform her of the girl's situation. So the mother set off to the hospital and the teacher also set off as well. Before the teacher got there, the mother was already there.

The teacher seeing the mother, panicked and started shivering. But the woman calmed him down and received him peacefully. When he was calmed, he then promised the girl's mother that he would take care of the young lady till she gives birth, and afterwards he would take care of her education.

When the mother got in touched with the husband and informed him of what had happened, the man told the wife to let the daughter abort the baby. But the teacher told the girl not to do anything to the pregnancy. The teacher left the young lady in the hospital with gh¢200.00, and told the mother and the young lady, to get in touch with him, if they needed anything else.

The father then became very angry, and purposed in his heart to teach the young man a lesson by jailing him. So, she arranged with the girl's mother, who is his wife to intentionally call the teacher so that he and his brothers will nab him and send him to the police station.

When the young man had the call, he was then preparing to go and write his end of semester's exams. But the woman told him that she wanted to know where he was staying so that if there's anything she would know where to find him. Not knowing it was a bait. The teacher having a pure heart went out to meet the woman instead of going to take his exams.

The woman was with her husband and the husband's two brothers. So, when the young man got there, they held him and put him a car to the police station, Accra Central.

In the car, the girl's father had told the teacher that he would make sure that he's jailed, if he's not jailed, he should call him any name he wants. They went to the police station, and the father had told the daughter to write her statement that she was defiled and was raped by the teacher.

The girl on the other hand, went to the DOVVSU office. After they had noticed the intentions of the father, they took his statement and told him to wait outside as the daughter writes hers. After that the teacher was also called to go and write his statement.

After that the young lady and the teacher were called to the office. For them to be interrogated. The girl said, she wasn't defiled nor raped for she was in a relationship with the teacher. Looking at her age, the officer noticed that what the man wanted, couldn't be granted to him, per the daughter's statement.

The father after realising that he has lost the case, angrily left the daughter at the police station and went home. When he was asked to go to the social welfare's department to go and talk about how the teacher would take care of the daughter. The wife was also asked to take the daughter back home, she said that the young lady was her father's, so if he said he doesn't like her, there's nothing she could do than to leave her behind also. Leaving her with the young man.

The young man was also advised to leave her and also go home. But he looked at the lady and told the police that he couldn't leave her all alone there. So the police should permit him to take the young lady home, and he was allowed.

The teacher was taking care of the young lady until one Sunday morning when the young lady began to bleed and she was rushed to the hospital. It came out that she had lost the pregnancy. She called the mother the next day and after the mother had told the father that the daughter had lost the pregnancy, he rushed to the police station to report that the young man has given his daughter medicine

to abort the baby. He was asked to go and bring a doctor's report to that effect.

When he saw that he has lost everything, he decided to meet the young man and collect gh¢ 5,000, from him before he would accept the daughter into his house. He also threatened to kill the young man. The teacher negotiated with him to reduce the amount to gh¢ 2,000. But later, the young man asked the woman to ask her husband why he was collecting that amount of money from him. Not knowing after he left the daughter at the police station and he went home, he cursed the daughter. So, when they took her home, he had to revoke the curse at dawn with the wife. Now back to the money issues. He wanted to know;

Whether he was collecting the money to allow them to still be in the relationship or what? So that if they want to marry he would allow them to marry. The father said, that would be over his dead body. There's no way he would allow the daughter to marry the young man, but they are still dating to date. The young lady has completed her second circle education and the teacher has as well completed his tertiary education.

Where do you think it'll end them?

Do you think the father will agree and let them marry as time goes by? or they should forget about the relationship and go their separate ways?

If you were the young lady or the young man, what would you do?

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Accra Dansoman Shiabu Yaa


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