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Police Officer Grabs A woman In The Throat For Not Wearing Face mask

Victoria male Police Officer in Australia has been filmed grabbing a young woman by the throat and facing her to the ground as she struggles and scream , " he's choking me!". The was said to have arrested for not wearing to face mask

It all started with a mid- confrontation as the police officer pull the woman along the street with one hand around the neck. The woman yells again," He is choking me, he is choking what they fuck! Get off me,Get off

The woman continue to yells as the police officer pushes her against the wall "He's fucking choking me!" She yells again

A female police officer who was also around put a hand on the woman's arm and asked her to stop but she kicked at the female police officer and yells again "fuck you!"

She continues to struggle with the male officer and the officer warned her to stop resisting the arrest. And when the female officer came closer again she kick at her and say "get the fuck off me! ". What are you doing? You're fucking choking me you fucking choking me , dude what the fuck as she continues.

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