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2 Teachers jailed for defrauding 82 students of GH¢164,000

Kwabena Kingsley, who was additionally a parliamentary applicant in Election 2012 in Afigya Kwabre East on the ticket of the Progressive People's Party (PPP), and Francis Osei, hoodwinked the understudies in the wake of persuading them that they could assist them with making sure about grant from the originator of the PPP, Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom. 

Kingsley was hit with a three-month prison term, while Osei was shipped off the cooler for one month. 

The two had argued not blameworthy to three tallies of intrigue to carry out wrongdoing, swindling by affectations and imitation, yet were seen as liable of the apparent multitude of charges following two years of preliminary. 


Conveying his sentence, the managing judge, Justice Francis Obiri, said the court mulled over the way that the convicts were first time guilty parties, were sorry, and had a great deal of wards. 

The appointed authority said he additionally mulled over the way that the convicts had discounted a piece of the cash required to the complainants. 


As per current realities of the case as introduced to the court by the indictment, Ms Marie-Louise Simmons, Kingsley and Osei were educators at the Najahiya Islamic Junior High School at Moshie Zongo and Nuria Primary School at Ayigya individually, the two rural areas of Kumasi. 

She said at some point in February 2016, Kingsley, who challenged as the parliamentary applicant on the ticket of the Progressive People's Party (PPP) for the Afigya Kwabre East in 2012, and Osei moved toward two understudies of the Premier Nursing Training School at Buokrom that Dr Paa Kwesi Nduom was running a grant plan to help understudies to cover the first part or part of their expenses. 

She said the two instructors requested that the understudies paid portion of the expenses to them while the plan beat up and "paid" the full charges into the record of the school at Stanbic Bank. 

The convicts would later outfit the understudies with the compensation in-slips from the bank, which were later discovered to be manufactured, to empower them to get their enlistment with the school. 

Ms Simmons said through the demonstration, the initial two recipients figured out how to get a great deal of their mates to enlist with the convicts and paid different amounts of cash as a component of their charges. 

Nonetheless, she stated, the two instructors didn't pay even everything paid to them by the understudies but instead paid only a portion and manufactured the compensation in-slip to mirror the full expenses.

She said this became visible when the school attempted to accommodate the expenses paid by the understudies with bank articulations. 

The examiner told the court that the understudies included were appropriately educated about the irregularity and a conventional objection was stopped with the police, prompting the capture of the two. 


The examiner, a Principal State Attorney, be that as it may, communicated dissatisfaction with the sentence, saying it was excessively permissive and not obstacle enough. 

She told the Daily Graphic that considering the measure of exertion put into the case and the way in which the two approached the plan to swindle honest clueless understudies, some of whom couldn't finish their courses, "the court might have given a more obstruction sentence than the three and one month sentences". 

Ms Simmons said the convicts were instructors who should fill in as good examples in the public eye, yet obviously their demonstrations were painstakingly arranged, and pulling off such sentences would not dissuade others from doing same. 

While conceding that the connected wrongdoings conveyed a base sentence of a day and a limit of 25 years, she said she expected at any rate a half year or a year's sentence. 

Ms Simmons said she would get in touch with her bosses over their next line of activity.

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