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Check out the woman who opened her eyes after she was proclaimed dead.

Timesha Beauchamp, 20 years old, had a cardiac arrest at home and was mistakenly pronounced dead by paramedics when they arrived at the scene to check her up. The 20 years old opened her eyes at the funeral home when they opened the body bag she was in.

This young woman would have been really dead because the workers at the funeral home were ready to preserve her body from decay as they do to every dead body through surgical procedure.

Timesha is now in a critical condition at a hospital in Detroit, Michigan ( USA ).

According to the, paramedics performed CPR and other " live reviving" methods for about 30 minutes before pronouncing her dead when there was no heartbeat.

The chief of the fire Department said there was no foul play because the normal procedures were followed by the paramedics and they did their best to save the young woman. However sources with some knowledge of this incident said they called the paramedics back when the young woman moved but they refused to turn back , this was also approved by the grandmother of the patient who is also a nurse.

Some people are saying there was a foul play others are saying there was no foul play.

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