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History Told: Richard Appiah To Be Executed In Public, If We Follow History Of Abesim- Kweku Annan

The revelations and controversies surrounding Richard Appiah, for allegedly killing children and storing their bodies in refrigerator at Alaska Junction near Abesim in Sunyani is getting more and more tensious, as day in and out more interesting stories keep popping up.

A history about Abesim has been told on Net 2 TV by Kweku Annan;

According to Kweku Annan, history had it that, in 1988, a Chief of Abesim, Nana Twene and his wife killed a pregnant woman and used her blood for rituals. Under the then military government of the Jerry John Rawlings, after Nana Twene was found guilty he was executed in in public by the local tribunal. The body of Nana Twene was tied to a car and displaced through the town of Abesim.

After the history, Kweku Annan then emphasized that, Richard Appiah to be killed in public like what happened to Nana Twene years ago, if we are to follow the history of Abesim because their crimes are almost the same.

"I think tonight I've given the Ghana Police a head start, Richard Appiah to be executed in public without question, if we follow history of Abesim this will help send a message to the criminals in the country. The ritual killing is not happening only in Abesim, if you go to Sunyani and Techiman ritual murdering is also going on there." Kweku Annan revealed.

Do you agree with Kweku Annan, should we execute Richard Appiah too as it was done to Nana Twene? Leave your opinions and comments below and share.

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