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How to Write Formal/Official Letter In BECE and WASSCE

One of the questions that we cannot go to the exams all without meeting is letter writing. And mostly, there are two letters that are present. You may either meet informal letter and formal letter or friendly letter and formal letter.

This letter writing carries a lot of marks in the essay or theory aspect. In this article, we will try to discuss what must be included in informal letter.

·        The sender’s address: The writer must write clearly his address for the purpose of reply and identification. The address is written at the top right corner of the paper.

·        Date: the date you are writing the letter must also be captured.

·        Receiver’s address: Here, the writer must write the address of the receiver. This will make your letter to be directed to the right designation. It is written below the sender’s address but at the left side.

·        Salutation: the writer needs to write something in a form of a greeting. Here, you are writing to someone in a position higher than you. And hence, Dear Sir/Madam is advisable.

·        Heading: Here, the heading should be written below the salutation and must be underlined. The heading should be in block letters or the initials of keywords of the heading been in block letters.

·        Introduction: The introduction explains the content of the letter. It is in the introduction that you will tell the receiver why you are writing the letter.

·        Body: The body contains the content of the letter. Here, there should be detailed information on the purpose of the letter. Each idea or purpose must be written in a paragraph and all must be consistent. They must explain the topic and the introduction.

·        Conclusion: after explaining why you write your letter, there is the need for you to summarise your body to make up simpler form of what you want to pass to the receiver.

·        Subscription: Here, you will be required to subscribe and the subscription most suitable for official or formal letter is “Yours Faithfully”.

·        Name: After subscription, you need to write your name below at the right corner. Your name must be written in full and short forms are not needed.

·        Signature: One of the important things forms the last part of the letter. You need to sign after your name. This should make the letter official and that you are the person who writes the letter since is your name there.

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