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If you can remember 10 out of these 25 photos, then your childhood was awesome

During our childhood we made so many friends that we used to go on a lot of adventures with mostly after school had closed or during school holidays.

The thought of having to play football each evenning alone in the community park was one interesting thing one it’s own aside young boys of our ages teaming up and going to hunt wild fruits and domestic animals to sweeten our mother’s pots.

Those who also lived in the coastal areas and had immediate access to the beach often built sand castles which they played their childhood mama and dada games which sometimes ended in tears.

Childhood they say is once and if not well enjoyed, once you grow up you can only look back at the good old days and either smile or regret. The current generation on the other hand hardly do any of these games and are usually stuck in doors playing videos and mingling on irrelevant topics on social media sites.

Let us look at a few of such childhood memories and games we used to play which blood smiles on the faces any time we met our friends to enjoy most these ancient games.

How many were you able to remember don’t hesitate to drop your comments in the comment box below and please share this article to your friends and family thanks for reading.

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