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Literature Poetry

My life changing story with opera.

Opera has in the previous months been very helpful and beneficial to me. My story as a writer was very awkward until I met opera news. I remember clearly the day a good friend of mine spoke to me about opera news. His encounter sounded more like a fallacy to me, this is due to the fact that I had tried so many freelancer platforms and to cut the long story short, it just didn't work as expected for me. I knew there was a way of getting my works out there and still make the most out of it before I met my life changer.

Writing has always been my hobby. I write to air my views on issues and matters arising as a student activist, I also write to educate and to entertain. Opera news gave me the opportunity to air my views to a bigger audience, educated most people using this platform and also to entertain our cherish readers on this amazing platform all kind of articles. And the most interesting part of this whole creative process is you getting paid for your good works. You are being paid reasonable amount of money per each content you create which complies with the company's policies.

You can easily make reasonable amount of money for yourself only if you write the right content. When I started things weren't that good but with time I got better and improved upon my skills as a writer. I therefore encourage each and everyone who is willing to take their craft to another level to consider working with opera news and I bet you that you will never regret this decision.

I would say I'm very grateful for this opportunity and want you to be a part of this great family. Thank you.

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