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Guans are the first people to settle in Ghana?

Ghana as we have now started way back and has its own stories.

It's believed that we all living in Ghana came from other parts of the world known as our origin.

People usually ask this question, so no tribe can say they were made in Ghana? Actually, tracing history, it's definitely yes. They all came from other parts of the world.

The Guans ethnic group are believed to be the first settlers in the modern day Ghana.

They migrated from the Mossi region of modern Burkina around 1000 A.D.

They are scattered across all the regions in Ghana. They don't have a specific place they settled at. In most regions in Ghana, you can find Guan people there.

This goes to say that Ghana started having human inhabitants in the year dated around 1000 A. D.

Many may ask the meaning of A. D. It's the form of date used after the death of Christ so they just made it simple by abbreviating it as A. D. Well, that's what I found during my research.

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