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Olden Cultures and Development of Self and Society

In olden days culture, it was not depend on clothes, money or nice things for development of self and society but unity to unite the people in the society in which the society can be developed on it own. The days of this culture was not like now a days culture. The young lady who used to make the celebration more interesting.

During the days of culture like this, the people who are outside comes home to also experience the culture of their home town too. The young ones get their patterns. In those days, the homes that have problems used to solve it during the days like this.some also pass through this culture to get married

It is still there in some ethnic do this for their young lady to show that they are in some State. They alsobelieve that there is a spirit that will protect them after performing this culture to the Young ones.

Let us not to forget our own culture because it helps us to remember the past events and also shows us how to communicate with others in the society.

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