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Ghanaians Deserve an Award for These Funny Images and Comments [Pictures]

Everybody wants to be happy. And that’s only natural. After a long day of stress and boredom, one would love to hear or get engaged in something that could make them happy.

So, across all social media handles, Ghanaians try as much as possible to keep conversations very humorous and friendly. This is why I have decided to cull together funny images and comments that will leave you laughing and keep your ribs hurting.

One telegram comedian has an image of a guy holding a tall book with the title of the book: how to wake up in Canada by mistake.

Canada is a nice and interesting place to be but the visa processes can be time exhausting and annoying. However, this guy can make it possible to get to Canada by waking up, of course after you’re done reading the book.

This is so hilarious and that’s not all but the following can also get you laughing and excited all day:


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