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Living a life Pleasing to God is what is call Godliness.

If God is beseeching you about something, then it means that you are not doing the right things as He want it to be.

For example. You as a c. e. o. After employing your workers and you tax them to a target market for the achievement of the year, then even as at in April, but nothing is going on to raise a sign towards the target. I believe that you will not sit down and be happy with the workers, knowing very well that you are paying them at the end of the month. You will strive to see your results.

The Bible according to the Book of Romans chapter 12 verse 1. God is Beseeching us to do the right things while He's not hiding His mercy from us at all. Telling us that no matter how much sin we've committed and it is taken us back from Him, He has forgiving us. Therefore, we should focus on doing the right things which He has commands us to do so that satan can not get us to itself. Taking our prayers seriously and in focus on worshipping and been Holy.

Holiness and doing things right while waiting for God to Bless us at His own time, is what we need. Many people want to be fast track into achieving things. So they no longer care whether if it's not from God or whatever,.

But as a nation of God. We must remain faithful and humble ourselves for our God to Bless us in this life without adding any forms of sorrow to it. And we must always remember that the eyes of the Lord Our God is really always on us. He is watching and marking us. We're not hidden from Him. Not the ants under the earth. Therefore, let us behave ourselves in good conduct and God's standards.

Blees You.

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