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Media Personality, Efia Odo Broke Silence Over Scandals With Female Artist [Details And Pictures]

For sometime now, there has been a trending scandal between Video vixen and Actrees, Efia Odo and her Artist who drew exactly what she wanted vs what She got.

According to Efia Odo, she intends not to pay for the Portrait because what she asked the artist to do is exactly the opposite of what she did.

Which boldly categorise that she have found herself into the new trending slang “What i ordered vs what I later got.”

On the other hand, The female artist and fast rising Musician has debunked what Efia Odo said because she claimed that what she did was exactly what Efia Odo wanted.

Taking to her Facebook account with some thousand of Followers, the Artist wrote Saying accompanied with the work that she did for Efia Odo.

In her words,

“I posted this work under one of your recent tweets looking for buyers, you inboxed me and asked if I could paint you. You sent me two pictures of yourself and an animation and asked if I could make your work juicy like the animation. You reacted love to the One that I did but now, you refused to pay me my 750 Cedies because you claimed that you don't like the work that I did for you. Efia Odo please unblock me and pay me my hard earned money because I didn't do anything wrong by drawing a portrait of you.”

Efia Odo on her own words has boldly revealed that she won't pay a dime because this is not her and not what she ordered.

In conclusion, she hates what the artist did.

In her words,

“What I wanted vs what I got!!! I'm sure y'all know what is going on. I don't mind paying for artwork but this is a rip off. The girl wasn't able to do what I asked for. She said that the painting was 400 cedies and I offered to pay half of the money without taking the picture. You can't feel entitled to my money when you didn't do what I asked for. Next time say you can't do it.”

What you say on this? Efia Odo has refused to pay by stating that she didn't do what she wanted and on the other hand, Female Artist insists that she must pay her.

Content created and supplied by: TheWritergal (via Opera News )

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