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The Akan Speaking People Brought About The Name "Jamaica" Tour Guide Tells, Check It Out

The story of Africa sometimes is confusing, just because we had no written records, to be able to find the authentic story for the next unborn generation. Most of us heard these old story either from a friend, in class, by tour guides, by relatives, and our aged. With this method the story we hear from all sides can't be accepted as the true story on grounds and we can't also tell if is a lie, cause we weren't around.

There has been so many stories from the where the continent Africa came or originated from, analysis can't be made of a 100% truth of the stories been told. A Ghanaian tour guide tells us the history of where the name "Jamaica" came from. Telling the tourist, he stated that the name was found by the Akan speaking people, which is from the country Ghana.

He said in his speech that , as the slave trade was still on going, the Akans who where moved to the today's Jamaica, said to themselves that perhaps we have to stay permanently at were we have found ourselves. So in their language they will say "gya ma ya Ka" so as time went by and they modernizes the people then added these words and we had the name "Jamaica". Check Out some comments from other people.

What do you also think about this story from our tour guide, what can you add or say about it. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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