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Image With a Story Entitled 'The King's Portrait' Has Gone So Viral on WhatsApp: Check Out Why

We have come across an image with a wonderful story entitled "The King's Portrait ' which has gone viral on WhatsApp till WhatsApp has given it the 'forwarded many times' tag. The image and the story behind it has caused a lot of stir as many could identify him or herself with the story.

The image behind the story looks like a hunter that is aiming at his prey. The artist presented the hunter with so much expertise that one may never realise the missing piece behind the drawing. It is only after you have read the story that you would know the hidden mystery behind the portrait.

Although the painting looks perfect, it was actually drawn to hide the disabilities of a King. Take a look at the image below and read more to see the hidden part of this wonderful portrait that has caused many to marvel.

As you can see above, the image reveals a man bending on one of his knees, aiming at his prey. This is a sign of a good hunter with precision, but here is the story behind it.

The hunter represents a King who was disabled. He was disabled at the leg, and also with one eye. He has called his servants and all his subordinates to do him a great favour by drawing a very nice and excellent picture of him. Among all the King's wise men, artists and advisors, no one could think of any better way of drawing the King without glarely revealing his disabilities.

Luckily, a man decided to draw the King to the amazement of everyone. After he has drawn the King, they were all left in awe as they saw the wonderful portrait with no one realising the disabilities of the King. He has drawn his amputated leg kneeling to aim, and his disabled eye closed as the other aimed for his prey. This is how we overlook each others disabilities and inefficiencies and focus on their strengths.

In as much as I have tried to summarise the story here, you can't but enjoy the original writing on this sheet in the image below.

I hope you have enjoyed this wonderful story.



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