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21 times when pure art was created from trees

Trees have been with us from the genesis of the evolution of mankind up to date. Man has co-existed with plants from the beginning of time and would have never lived a single day without the services of trees because obviously, man needs oxygen to survive.

This is the reason why trees preceded man in the creation story. Before creating man, trees were already existing. Aside minor functions like providing us with shade, trees were to provide man with air as well as food.

Men have made exploits with trees but this one I'm about to show you will make you wonder how they really made such beauties. Wow, how awesome some people can be!!!

The talent and continuous practice of some people in creating beauty out of trees ended up sprouting forth with surprises. This article is going to expose you to the beauty hidden within nature's belly.

Art is life, it provides a strong and healthy connection between the artist and the world in a very beautiful manner. We do see and appreciate paintings and sculptures in our environment but this artwork with wood is an unexpected one.

I like the artists very much because they dared to be different. Whenever you hear about art, paintings and sculpture is what comes to mind but these artists will change your perception about art.

These artists thought of how to create variety and be unique amongst artists. They had probably seen pictures of the famous "Monalisa" and how "Leonardo DaVinci" was praised for such a beauty but they decided to create their own legacy.

The interesting part is, not only did they think about creating their own legacy, they implemented it.

The beautiful pictures I'm about to show you were taken out of trees. Yes, you saw it right, the artists created these shapes from trees.

One would wonder the time these artists used in creating extraordinary out of the ordinary. Trust me, some do take months and it requires a constant practice and effort over and over again.

Below are pictures of some beautiful artworks I compiled which were carved out of trees. Enjoy this amazing ride

Look at the picture below, the artwork is embedded in the wood. Imagine how complicated it will be carving those images out of them.

Carvings like these though hard, are not complicated like the ones carved inside the trees.

Content created and supplied by: the_Kelvin_guy (via Opera News )


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