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The Before and after photos by the extraordinary photographer - Edos artistry

The fact that everyone has their own talents means that it can never be overstated. Besides, we all have innate talents; The only reason it hasn't materialized yet is because we are still developing it. There is a saying: "Exercise makes perfect". That means the more I do it, the better I'll improve and be much more productive.


As for talent, your talents can be related to art or things that are closely related to art, such as photography, music, painting, and others. When it comes to photography, there are many people in photography, but most of them are not talented; There is a difference between a man born of talent and an ordinary man

A boy from Benin named Ibor Edosa Victor shocked the world with his extraordinary skills on social media after sharing a photo of what he was doing with a boy which got a lot of reaction online. Victor is a photographer so he reflects on the things around him and expresses his beauty.

So he shot the boy while he was sitting on the floor, but no one could easily tell what he was doing. If you pay close attention to where the boy is sitting and how he is sitting, you can predict that something is wrong, but not the other way around. When her photos were shared online, many couldn't believe their eyes and saw the beauty of her craftsmanship.

Check out

The before and after photos of Victor Edosa

The pre wedding shot💍



edos artistry I was given an opportunity to recreate my Favorite @disney character "Moana"


Beautiful twins 🥰

He gave a quick tips for beginners

edos_artistry Quick tips for beginner photographers; like myself.

Base on my experience photography is not all about editing, rather to enhance that which already portray beauty.

Forcus more on your camera and lightening setups, try diffrent setups and see the one that works better for you.

All you want is online. Nobody is perfect in this niche, it's how you present your style that matters.

Be consistent.

Buying luts and presets are not the best options, I'm not saying don't buy if you have the money.

It's better if you understand how these colours works and how to create for yourself and match them. Using luts as a beginner is not the best choice.

Know what you want as a photographer,

Anticipate before you shoot.

Be yourself and be real.

'Dear mistake '

The Edo traditional outfit.

This Smile can heal..

Which would you go for the traditional outfit or the ' casual outfit'.

Kindly drop your comments ❗ and like 👍🏿

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