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Ghana Is Sweet: Thief Captured By Area Boys Punished To Smile So He Could Be Freed. (Watch)

Oil city will always be a city devoid of boredom. Many outstanding personalities in Ghana's history have come from this place of pleasure and laughter, including Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Paapa Yankson, A.B Crenstil, Castro, Kofi King Arthur, Dr. Afrifa Busua, and many others. Looking at the oil, lumber, cocoa, bauxite, aluminium, manganese, diamond, and other precious resources that originate from this region, perhaps we should accept the reality that the best actually comes from the West.

Aside from all of these incredible resources, the city has earned a reputation for always looking at things from a fresh perspective. A thief was apprehended in Takoradi a few years ago. Rather than severely beating him to death, as may have happened in any other region of the country, they provided him energy drink so the robber could restore his strength and be subjected to additional professional beatings.

A similar situation occurred today in the same region, but this time the thief was fortunate to be given only a simple assignment to complete, allowing him to be released. He was asked to put on a happy face, but he found it extremely difficult. Because laughter is associated with happiness, the burglar had no reason to smile due to the circumstances he found himself in.

His failure to put on a happy face earned him a series of blows to the head until he was able to finish the work.

Watch video here

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