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A Ghanaian man left America to construct a mansion made of recycled materials in Ghana.

Samuel Mensah Ansah, a Ghanaian, has told his account of leaving his studies in America to construct a home out of discarded materials in Ghana.

Ghanaian Samuel Mensah Ansah came up with a creative approach to construct a home out of recyclable materials. He admitted to leaving his drug-related studies programme in Boston, Massachusetts, to peddle Ovaltine across Africa in an interview with Vanessa Kanbi. As a result, when he comes back, he brings Accra the empty cans.

Samuel continued by saying that he had accumulated enough trash over the course of around 28 years to build a palace. In addition to the tinned tins, he said that 500 disassembled wooden cords were also utilised in the construction of the dwelling.

A number of poeple were impressed and happy when Samuel disclosed to his host that he built the house in just six months.

He has a unique personality. He had so many ideas running through his head that you could hardly get them all out. reminds me of Alice in Wonderland's mad hatter. It would be an honour to one day meet him. Said by host.

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