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The Light That Suddenly Appeared At The End Of My Tunnel- Opera News Hub Ghana

Everyone has got a story that recounts a moment described as “ the light at the end of the tunnel”, a moment of breakthrough . Well, the light which appeared at the end of my tunnel was none other than Opera News Hub Ghana. After graduating from Mfantsipim in 2018, I had to stay home for a whole year before being able to continue to the university. Guess why? of course it had everything to do with finance, I had to help my dad at his workplace and finally ended up in the university all by myself with no immediate form of assistance. How was I going to cope with this issue of finance always around my neck_ at least at Mfantsipim you were assured three meals per day and so even if you were broke it wasn’t much of a problem. Here am I reading Psychology at the University Of Cape Coast with life on UCC campus nothing short of challenging. I had to find a solution to this problem of financial insufficiency, I needed to earn some money whilst studying. I loved reading novels and was quite good with writing essays and poems so had to look for a way to use these skills to make some money. I participated in various online essay competitions and to be sincere didn’t make the breakthrough I was quite hoping for_ some of my works were being selected but it was just so unfortunate that those competitions gave out no prizes. I went through all this for about a year and a half, it was not until February of this very year that I finally found my source of financial relief. I happened to watch a YouTube video on how to make some money by writing for Opera News Hub Ghana and decided to go in for it . It has been 3 months since I wrote my first article for Opera News Hub Ghana and I must say it has really become a source of financial assistance personally. Looking at the amount some writers make on the platform, I’m being motivated to do more and earn more as well. Opera News Hub Ghana, my admiration for you is very profound and I must say I very much appreciate the opportunity to be a part of this. Thank you.

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