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10 Books On Seduction That Ever Men Should Read

1. The Multi-Orgasmic Man: Sex Secrets Every Man Should Know, by Mantak Chia

This book tells all the secrets for a man to become multi-orgasmic, it sounds interesting, right? Mantak Chia tells the keys of Taoism to control sexual energy and direct it where you want. This book is essential for those who want to rediscover their sexuality from a new perspective.

2. Tantric sex for men. Making Love a Meditation, by Diana and Michael Richardson

In this book, we are presented with proven methods for foreplay, sequence diagrams of sexual positions, and ways to increase sexual sensitivity through awareness. They also tell us how to achieve ecstatic experiences by taking a woman's body to a more intense sexual level. In addition, they also address how to use the sexual organs to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually.

3. Making Love, by Barry Long

I speak to both, man and woman, if you are going to bring love into your sex lives, you are going to need new energy. That energy starts with honesty. Honesty with yourself and honesty with life. In this book, Barry Long offers us Tantric teachings of the highest degree.

4. In intimate communion , by David Deida

David Deida's work brings a further step for men and women who want to be willing to experience the bliss of love without restrictions. This book takes us to explore in a deeper way the desires for extreme pleasure and masculine and feminine surrender hidden in our hearts, in order to create a perfect intimate relationship, moment by moment.

5. Enlightened Sex Manual , by David Deida

In this book, David Deida brings us the ideas that will help us to be a superior lover and to shine in the continued offering of the light of love. It is an essential exhibition of skills to achieve the physical, emotional and spiritual rewards of the intimate embrace.

6. In the beginning was sex: The origins of modern sexuality. How We Matched Up and Why We Parted , by Christopher Ryan and Cathilda Jetha

In this book, the authors tell us that the prevailing discourse on monogamy and the functioning of love relationships in our society does not correspond to the true nature of the human being. They turn around unjustified postulates and baseless conclusions. They offer us, in return, a revolutionary way of understanding why we live and love the way we do .

7. Sex, Ecology, Spirituality , by Ken Wilber

The author of this work links the course of evolution from matter to life until reaching the birth of the mind. Wilber traces the evolution of human consciousness through its main stages of growth and development, especially in modernity and postmodernity: its meaning; its relationship with the masculine and feminine, psychotherapy, ecology and different liberation movements. On the other hand, it tells us how the current world can form a concept of the Spirit.

8. Earth honoring: The new male sexuality . Rochester, by Robert Lawlor

Robert Lawlor invokes rituals of a sexual nature in the Tantric and Taoist traditions and offers a guide to reversing unhealthy excess masculine energy. It focuses on spiritual training to enhance creative energy and redirect the search for power and dominance towards more constructive channels. On the other hand, the author offers modern adaptations of these spiritual techniques and tells of the tremendous repercussions of these in male psychology and, ultimately, in the whole of society.

9. Perfect Love, Imperfect relationships , by John Welwood

This publication explores the difficulties of romantic relationships. If love is the source of happiness and enjoyment, why is it so difficult to open fully? The book is an accompaniment on a journey of healing and transformation that involves learning and embracing our humanity and the imperfection of our relationships.

10. Male Sexuality: Men or Titans? by Fernando Villadangos Lopez

Men are not sexual titans but people of flesh and blood. We have feelings that can influence our sexual desire as well as stress, fatigue and other negative factors in life. Here we reveal and correct some myths and erroneous beliefs around our body and give clues to accept and enjoy sex. With these readings on male sexuality you have more than enough to start with. Do you know any of these titles? Would you add any more? Tell us in the comments.

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