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Opinion: Black women are the prettiest, see pictures that proves it all (Photos)

Black women are the most beautiful in the world. They have a very unique beauty that will never fade away no matter how much time passes by. They are so amazing and their beauty is beyond words.

The black woman is a magical creature. Her hair is like a crown of glory. Her skin glows with gold dust. Her full lips taste like honey and her body is a temple of pleasure and worship. She is the perfect woman intelligent, creative and loyal - and her beauty has been celebrated in song and literature for centuries.

We all know that black women have long been considered superior in terms of physical beauty, but it wasn't until recently that science caught up with reality. In fact there's now proof that our brains are better too.

Black women have been celebrated and praised for their beauty since ancient times. They were considered to be one of the most beautiful creatures on earth. In fact, many ancient civilization considered them to be goddesses because of their magnificent beauty. There was a time when people believed that only gods could possess such great beauty and power.

Some people believe that Black girls are not attractive because they come from poor countries like Africa. I am tired of hearing people claim that there is no African beauty or that all African women look alike. When it comes to beauty, Black women have always been the queens.

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