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"He Said a Pimple Will Come On My Foot And I Will Be Rich But It's a Different Story Now"(Fiction)

Poverty was my whole childhood ethic and this thing terrified me very much. My father is a policeman and has so many girlfriends that we just got money out of his hand to clothe us.

After my failure in my secondary school, the school fired me because i had been absent for months because of illness. My dad told me that he could not afford to give me the lessons and treat me. I didn't go to school and the life was still hard for us after i had recovered my health.

She sold cassava right next door to the road and the old man did not give her money any more for dinner. I was very sad and aware that i couldn't continue with the lessons and couldn't find anything to be doing.

One morning i had a visit from the friend who lived in Kumasi and he was a big cyber activist, called "Euro Montemayor." After many years of separation from college, he had a lot of money and came to my house to see me. He was touched by my condition when he saw me and took me in his car.

In Kumasi, a camp in a remote house in the town, he brought me to a gentleman. The latter was an occult man i didn't know his name. Montemayor didn't allow me to speak, and he told the gentleman i was really poor and i had to succeed. The man just asked me to spit in his bowl and he told me to go and I'll see a little pimple on my left thigh within one week but after seen the pimple it didn't stop growing. But I'm going to be very rich right after that.

I didn't regard it as a curse because I wanted to get us out of this misery in real life, my mother. I really have had a lot of ways to gain from the "chat" my friend puts on me for more than a year. But a very serious thing is when the devil does not tell you what he will take from you when he gives you what you want.

The pimple has not vanished on my thigh and it swells every month. Now that i have water in it hurts a lot. Every day i have to use antibiotics to sleep. I've been painful a lot of it.

How do you think i can get myself out of this trouble? I am eager to listen to your advice

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Euro Montemayor Kumasi


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