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Tribes around the world with envious culture.

Tribes and ethnic groups around the world exhibit their rich cultures and traditions to the world in many different ways. Some through their songs,food,way of dressing and many other cultural traits. In my article today,I bring to you some ethnic groups or tribes with interesting or “bizzare” cultures or way of living.

1. The Sentinelese

One of the few remaining uncontacted people in the world The Sentinelese for years have resist any form of contact with the outside world. They can maintain their privacy as they have a whole island to themselves. They live in North Sentinel Island in the Andaman Islands of India.

All trials to establish contact with the locals ended up with them attacking the approaching vessels with arrows and spears. The Sentinelese people are considered a sovereign people,with right to attack or even kill trespassers by the Indian government.

2. The Yali People

A major tribal group in Papua, Indonesia who live to the east of the Baliem Valley in the Papuan highlands. The world Yali means the people from the east. Their lands are largely isolated by challenging geography,a significant element that helped the Yali people maintain their tribal lifestyle. Their villages are only accessible by walking through rough terrains for several hours.They had no contact whatsoever with the outside world till the 1960s and is still living in a somewhat of a sovereign region under the control of Indonesia. The Yali people are known as being cannibals. However,cannibalism was practiced as a way to scare other tribes. They are mostly vegetarians who only eat pigs during celebration. But still in the old days,they would attack their enemy tribes and keep some as prisoners.

The prisoners would be eaten during festives and their bones grinded and mixed with dust and thrown into the valley of the enemy tribe to scare them.

3. The Surma People

The Surma tribes comprises of the Suri tribe and the Mursi tribe living in Upper Omo Valley in Ethiopia. The Suri are very proud of their culture and traditions. When a girl becomes of marrying age,they often get her lower teeth knocked out with a rock. They then cut the lower lip with a razor and stretch the lip with a wooden plate. They keep replacing the plate for a bigger one until they reach the desired shape.

After a while,the lip stretches so much they fit a clay plate in the lips. This is regarded as a form of beauty and status for Suri women,a girl's dowry increases with the size of her lip.

When a boy comes of age,or when a man wants to take a bride on the other hand,they have to prove themselves by performing a martial art called “sagirie”. It is basically stick fighting or ceremonial dueling.

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What do you think of these practices of this interesting tribes?

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