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Checkout 3D Drawings Of Talented Egyptian Artist That Has Got People Reacting (Photos)

Since technology is capable of representing sensible reality in three dimensions, this is not easy for an artist with pen and paper. But that's what a man from Egypt did.

Mustafa Mohamed Samir Rageb was born and raised in Alexandria and has loved painting since childhood. Today he works in interior design and decoration, but the stunning 3D drawings he paints in his spare time have attracted a huge following around the world.

"I always paint anything or anything," Rageb, 36, told The Epoch Times. "I always have a pen in my hand, and that's what happens when I start thinking: My hands immediately start drawing.

Already in love with realism, Regeb's passion was heightened when he discovered three-dimensional images. It is good, he said, to experience a real picture "breathing in front of you".

Ragheb shares his work on Facebook and Instagram. By accumulating 80 images in a single post - including a visualization of a bottle of water, marbled glass, a teapot, and sunglasses - the artist garnered hundreds of supportive comments and praise from viewers who could hardly believe their eyes.

For what Rageb draws, he says he will take pen to paper for anything that artistically excites him in terms of size, light and shadow or reflection. He really liked the moon and natural satellite imagery of Earth that lasted 33 days.

As time and his passion grew, Rageb developed new ways to improve the 3D quality of his work.

"I discovered many techniques," he told The Epoch Times, "including folding the paper on one side and painting each section separately." If we lay the paper any way and at a certain angle, we will see a real hologram.

Don't just stick to one color. Sometimes acrylic paint is used to add color; other times he uses watercolor or gouache.

In addition, Ragheb experimented with different pens and pastel colors, arguing that the diversity of his circles set his work apart and helped people see his work at a glance.

Some of Rageb's paintings are symbolic or depict strong feelings. Images of such a horse, whose tail appears to hang out of the frame, convey a powerful message, the artist says.

"The story of the painting is an abbreviation of the concepts of pride, dignity and sincerity," he explained. "In him, the horse left from place to place after experiencing injustice. He too, despite his pride, left his tail out of the frame and still looked back; he could not leave it, but he was also loyal to himself and abandoned his friends. his friend who had hurt him."

The artist admitted that he was initially annoyed when some network users claimed his work was too real and could not be drawn by hand. But eventually he realized that their distrust was a sign of his success as a 3D artist.

Rageb is known in Egypt for his unique talent. He has appeared in the national press and in television interviews. He loves that modern technology allows him and others to share art with the world at the push of a button.

He hopes that in the future there will be international exhibitions.

"Most of my fans are from all over the world," he said, adding, "I want to thank everyone who promotes art and supports art in general because that is the truest thing that can be said."

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