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Mummy Of The Egyptians Wrapped In An Ancient Italian Manuscript

In 1848, a man in Alexandria purchased an ancient Egyptian mummy from a shopkeeper. He kept it on display as a decoration for years, not recognizing what a peculiar artifact he'd discovered. Scientists discovered something unexpected after peeling off her bandages a few decades later. The mummy was wrapped in a book's linen pages, although it wasn't written in Egyptian.

It took years of research to find out what language it was written in, but we now know it's Etruscan, the language of an ancient civilisation that once flourished in what is now modern-day Italy. It's a language we're unfamiliar with. The Etruscan inscription wrapped around this mummy is the longest we've ever seen. 

However, there are still a lot of unsolved questions. For starters, we still have no idea what the text means. We can only decipher a few sentences, which appear to be dates and god names, and we can only surmise as to what it means or why it was wrapped around a dead body.

Above all, we're baffled as to why an Etruscan book was wrapped around an Egyptian mummy. Was she a member of the Etruscan people? If that's the case, what was she up to in Egypt? And what did she say to the world in her final message?

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